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   What is vapor? A look into the mist (2017-05-23)
   The TPD is here: what do U.K. vapers need to know? (2017-05-23)
   FDA announces deeming deadline delays (2017-05-23)
   Act now! New Jersey wants to ban flavors (2017-05-23)
   You won’t believe the punishment for selling vapes in Dubai (2017-05-23)
   7 facts and hacks for the TPD | where there’s a will, there’s a way (2017-05-20)
   Don’t Take Ecigs to These Countries for They Hate Vaping (2017-01-14)
   A probe into the Ecig market (2017-01-13)
   Finally some good news for vapers in Indiana (2017-01-12)
   Irish report examining cost effectiveness of e-cigarettes (2017-01-11)
   UK: Data commending e-cigs as smoking cessation tools (2017-01-10)
   Mastercard doesn’t want your money, vapers! (2017-01-09)
   BAT quits nicotine inhaler to focus on vaping (2017-01-07)
   Is Vaping Being Treated Unfairly (2017-01-06)
   Vaping boom in Russia (2017-01-05)
   Signs of hope in the USA as opposition to bans gains speed (2017-01-04)
   Malaysia: A triumvirate to regulate Ecigs (2017-01-03)
   US : Franklin County KY rejects e-cig policy proposal (2017-01-02)
   Russian Government plans to double cigarette prices in 2017 (2016-12-31)
   The Outlook for E-Cigarettes (2016-12-30)
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