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KIMREE Innovative Technology Fixs E-Cigarette Taste Changing Challenge
From:KIMREE    Date:2015-01-23

KIMREE, a leading e-cigarette maker which filed to the NASDAQ under the symbol "KREE", launches innovative technology to fix e-liquid taste changing problem in the current e-cigarette industry.

It is well known that disposable e-cigs and cartomizers' taste will gradually be weakened as times goes on. Even in unopened condition, disposable e-cigs and cartomizers' taste will change greatly after long time storage. For example, a peppermint cartomizer only remain 65% of its original aroma after 6 months storage, while the figure lowers to 42% after 1 year storage.

This situation brings great pressure on e-cigarette distributors and they have to sell their disposable e-cigs and cartomizers in a way of selling milk products. However, such a big problem still has not be noticed and can't get much concerns in the whole e-cigarette industry for a long time. They simply attribute it to the e-liquid volatilization and can't find the real reason.

Recently, KIMREE finally finds out the fundamental reason and has developed innovative technology to solve the e-liquid changing problem after three years' research. Many standard experiments showed that the cartomizers' taste and flavor stored for 2 years are mellower and even can remain better aroma, rather than losing its original taste like current cartomizers in the market. KIMREE is confident and can ensure that the company has found a perfect solution to solve the taste changing problem for disposable e-cigarettes and cartomizers after long time storage.

Besides, more than ten e-cigarette brands went to negotiate with them and made a deal of up to one million sales from Jan 15th to 23th, according to the KIMREE company. The current industrial problem doesn't exsit any more.

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