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   Nicopure challenges FDA rules (2016-05-13)
   Clinical studies show that: the electronic cigarette can relieve asthma (2016-04-01)
   No Drinking, Smoking, or Vaping Under 21 in California if New Law Signed (2016-03-25)
   New Natural Plant-based E-liquid May Enhance Function in Men (2015-10-10)
   KIMREE's Intelligent e-Cigarette Design SMARTANK: New Vaping Experiences (2015-09-21)
   KIMREE announces KIS Vaporizer system firstly (2015-08-08)
   KIMREE Introduces the First Front-Loading Vaporizer for MOD in the World (2015-07-23)
   KIMREE Announces the First Dual Vape Transformation Technology-Equipped E-Cigarette (2015-06-08)
   KIMREE JS304 Electronic Cigarette Continues to Sell Millions due to Expanding Business Model (2015-03-18)
   KIMREE Launches New E-cigarette and Expanding Partnership (2015-03-18)
   KIMREE E-cigarette Announcing a Multi-Model Partnership With Traders (2015-03-18)
   KIMREE Announces A Partner Program for Its Refillable E-Cigarettes (2015-03-18)
   KIMREE Opens Door to Traders for the First Time (2015-03-18)
   KIMREE Innovative Technology Fixs E-Cigarette Taste Changing Challenge (2015-01-23)
   VaporQueen, The World's Smallest Refillable Electronic Cigarette, Just Unveiled By Kimree (2014-08-20)
   China Electronic Cigarettes KIMREE to Release Its New Product at 2014 Inter – tabac (2014-08-11)
   Kimree shows electronic cigarettes during the 2014 CES (2014-03-05)
   3 Things You Must Know About E-Cigarettes (2014-01-24)
   KIMREE Will Release New Ecigarette with Biometric Lock (2014-01-08)
   Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer KIMREE Visited Elderly Nursing Home (2013-09-12)
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