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Huizhou Kimree Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, specialized in Electronic cigarettes, E-cigar, E-pipe, E-cigarette accessories field. Such as production, R & D and sales of innovative enterprises. At present, 960 workers, 5 experters on research & development, 19 People on QC. Company area of 10000 square meters. Completely independent of the garden-style industrial park. The quality of consultants by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors Department of the fore-quality manager as long Huangjingzhao. In strict accordance with ISO2001 quality certification system operation, only a global tobacco industry in the electronic management of the enterprises to implement TQM.

E-cigarette X6

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E-cigarette X6

Detailed information about E-cigarette X6

E-cigarette X6
Major breakthrough,International patents

International patent Number: PCT/CN2010/071665,PCT/CN2010/071687,PCT/CN2010/071712

Diameter 9.3mm Lenth 118mm
  1. Up to 500 puffs, equivalent to 42 traditional real cigarettes.
  2. Manual switch, taste is much better
  3. Mini light aura, magic effect when smoking
  4. Advanced micro-devices atomization technology, much more smoke volume and never leakage of E-liguid.

Kimree product, pleasant surprise for the world!

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